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Displaying your open badges

The second tutorial for open badges in EWC. How to collect and display your open badges to make them work for you.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 3 Months ago 0 likes 13 views

Claiming your EWC open badges

A brief tutorial to help you evidence your participation in the EWC G+ virtual exchange.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 3 Months ago 0 likes 15 views

Mahara MUM and ALT Wales shared webinar

A shared session on the use and display of open badges.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 10 Months ago 0 likes 1 views

Displaying your open badges from EWC

A quick guide to exporting your badges to a backpack or Open Badge Passport account for display in Mahara

From  Teresa MacKinnon A year ago 0 likes 20 views

Open badges in Languages@Warwick

A tutorial taking you through how to evidence your work and display your skills to the world.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 2 Years ago 1 likes 73 views


A quick glimpse of the twitter chat created for ALT winter conference on the use of openbadges in Higher Education.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 2 Years ago 0 likes 10 views

COIL recording final

Recording of joint presentation for the SUNY COL conference, New York. Teresa MacKinnon and Mirjam Haulk.

From  Teresa MacKinnon 3 Years ago 1 likes 34 views